Sir Bruce Forsyth had a good reason to not speak to Jim Davidson - but what about other celebrity feuds?


Most people probably steer well clear of Jim Davidson because ugh, he’s Jim ­Davidson, but Bruce Forsyth had another good reason, too.

When Jim replaced him as the host of The Generation Game, Bruce never spoke to him again.

It must have been nice to blank him (to blank him, nice) because ugh, he’s Jim Davidson... but what’s interesting is that this was an entirely behind the scenes feud.

It’s one of those showbiz instances when normal logic dictates that one celebrity must be p’ed off with another, but they deny it or laugh it off and you end up conned into believing they’ve risen above it.

In reality, celebrities are – spread it! – just normal people... and every bit as petty, bitter and begrudging as the rest of us, if not much more so, because they’re double spoilt with a side helping of massive entitlement.



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